Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great MMORPGs with low end System Requirements

Have an old low-spec computer but still want to play some free MMORPGs? Well, you can. There are actually a lot of really popular MMORPGs out there that run smoothly on older computers. The graphics for these games aren’t super high end, but they’re still really fun MMORPGs that you can play on an older PC. Anyway, the list below has the top 5 best MMORPGs for low spec computers:

#5 – Grand Chase

Grand Chase is a somewhat old MMORPG from Ntreev – the same MMORPG company behind Trickster Online and Pangya. The game has 3D character models but the game is largely 2D and flat as it’s a side-scrolling MMORPG. It’s one of the highest rated free to play MMORPGs and it runs perfectly fine on most older computers

Conquer Online isn’t an old game, but it does have low end 2D graphics. The game is brought to you by TQ Digital and is well worth playing because it has an enormous playerbase, intense PvP and plenty to do. It’s a game most people would look at (screenshots) and pass on because of the graphics, but don’t let the visuals fool you. Even though the graphics aren’t the best the gameplay itself is fun. The game is a bit similar to EuDemons Online, The Warlords and Zero Online – three other games from the same company

Rumble Fighter is the original fighting MMO. It’s currently being published by OGPlanet and is definitely a fun game to try if you’re looking for a fighting game to play. Come to think of it there aren’t very many fighting games, but Rumble Fighter is definitely an interesting game. It takes quite a bit of skill to master, so don’t give up!

#2 – Lost Saga

Lost Saga is another fighting MMO from OGPlanet, but Unlike Rumble Fighter, it has crisper anime inspired graphics. The game will run on most older PCs, but don’t except to be able to run the game on anything too ancient. Pretty much any Pentium 4 or high end Pentium 3 should be able to run the game. It’s one of the better brawler MMOs. I like it more than Rumble Fighter because it has more characters.
#1- 4Story

4Story is sort of like Runes of Magic and Allods Online, except with worse graphics. In this case worse graphics is a good thing, as it means the game will run better on an older computer. Even though the visuals are worse than Runes of Magic and Allods, they aren’t that bad. In fact, it’s safe to say that 4Story has the best graphics out of all the games on this list! Definitely try 4Story!

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